Hosted Solutions

What is a hosted solution?

Our hosted software solution (Software provided as a Service) is a software deployment model that allows users to access licensed software over the internet.  This technology allows remote software to be used on demand.  This technology is offered for use with the NDS software. All that is required is a personal computer and an internet connection.  Access to the software is provided for by the service. Software provided as a service reduced IT costs, requires less management and frees up more resources for what matters most – your business.

Details and benefits

NDS has a state of the art, and dependable software service that takes away the hassle of software management. NDS offers customizable hosted solutions for all sizes of businesses including payroll, human resources and time and attendance software. NDS’s hosted software solutions are very flexible, allowing you to access software and data from any computer at any time for your convenience. You will also experience the ease and peace of mind not having to deal with lengthy installations or maintenance times keeping your files safe and sound, free from theft.


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